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Church History 

In 2021, Real Believers Faith Center purchased its first property that will function as an emergency home for boys.


In early 2022, a property was donated to RBFC. This property will be a halfway home for men that were previously incarcerated.


In November of 2022, RBFC purchased the Marathon Gas Station, now Lions Den Station, on the corner of Broadway and Fremont to help build the community and fund the kingdom.  


In 2002, the roof of the building collapsed in the sanctuary which caused all services to have to be moved to the building that housed Les Jolies Petites School of Dance; Dr. Sharon’s dance school. In 2003, Real Believers Faith Center went through a split and more than half of the members left the church, leaving just eight members. In 2008, 2010 Fremont was renovated and the members of Real Believers Faith Center were able to worship in the building once again . In 2010, Bishop Cook was called to a higher ministry and confirmed as a bishop. Being a father to fathers aligned with the mission of Real Believers Faith Center.

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